Our history

Founded in 2020, OutlierFC its a company that provides individual tactical consultancy service aimed at players, coaches, clubs and athlete agencies. 

The company was a pioneer in Brazil and today is one of the biggest companies in the world in the scope of the individual tactical consultancy. We study on collective tactical behaviors to facilitate the athlete's understanding and adaptation to the demands of the coaching staff, in order to serve as a complement and help in the athlete's understanding of the behaviors that must be improved, maintained or modified, following what has already been instructed by the coaches and clubs.

Atletas Trabalhados
Análises Feitas

Belgium: 2 Players

Austria: 1 player

Brazil: 37players

Argentina: 1 player

China: 1 player

United Arab Emirates: 1 player

USA: 4 players

Italy: 2 players

Japan: 1 player

Lithuania: 1 player

México: 3 Atletas

Portugal: 4 players

UK: 4 players

Espanha: 2 players

Moldávia: 2 players

We believe that football is on the way to becoming more and more tactical and we are convinced that this change will be beneficial for those who intend to seek new ways to become more and more intelligent on the field. 

Understanding that, our goal is to provide the athlete with the necessary knowledge so that he can evolve his tactical performance and thus reach his greatest potential.

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